WordPress Xampp (Tute 01)

Download and Install XAMPP


This tutorial was written for windows. Installation on Mac is similar.

  • Download Xampp from (simply download the version for your operating system – currently 7.4.1)
  • In Windows, the default installation directory is C:\xampp
  • Click through the installation. The default parameters should be fine.


Once you have install Xampp activate it:

  • You should see:
  • Click start on the first two buttons from the top (Apache and MySQL).
  • Check that MySQL works by clicking Admin on (next to the stop button on the MySQL line).
  • Check that Apache works. Go to your favorite browser and enter the address localhost/dashboard
  • You’re finished!

Download WordPress

Install WordPress

  • Extract the contents of the file you downloaded to the htdocs directory in xampp (in windows C:\xampp\htdocs).
  • You should now have another folder in xampp called wordrpess.
  • Open phpmyadmin just like in step 3 of the Xampp installation.
  • Click Databases.
  • Create another database, I will call my database testsite (but you can use a different name). Make sure the collation field is utf8_general_ci.
  • Now, open your browser and go to localhost/wordpress.
  • You should see the wordpress installation screen.
  • Choose English. In the next screen press lets go.
  • Now, enter the database name to the name you selected in step 4 (I will use testsite). Choose a username and password for the database (you can use root for the username and an empty password). do not change the last two fields (Database host and table prefix).
  • Click run the installation.
  • Fill the required form.
  • Login and see that everything works

You have completed the installation!